How do you see the growth of the virtual reality market in the Middle East? Is it still in its infancy in the region?

Virtual Reality (VR) is still taking off around the world but at an accelerated pace. While the market initially captured the interest of professional gamers, we have evolved the category across the board, catering to multiple consumer and commercial touchpoints. The YoY growth has been substantial in adopting PC VR and All in one VR products. While still in its infancy, we see mass adoption of the category with the launch of All in 2 VR category devices in the …….

With five minutes to kill on your commute, or between meetings, which app do you open? For many of us, it is Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or gaming apps. But for more and more teenagers, it’s a metaverse platform to check-in on their avatar.

Your avatar can resemble how you look in the real world. Or, you could pretend to be someone, or something, totally different. That’s half the attraction.

“My avatar is who I want to be on that day,” says Monica Louise, who is also known as Monica Quin on South Korea’s hugely popular metaverse social media app, Zepeto.

“In the real world…….

Global augmented reality and virtual reality market in healthcare industry is expected to reach $10.82 billion by 2025, representing a remarkable 2019-2026 CAGR of 36.1%. Augmented Reality (AR) technology accounts for a larger market share and will grow at 38.38% annually over the forecast years, faster than the Virtual Reality (VR) technology in healthcare domain.

Highlighted with 82 tables and 79 figures, this 184-page report “Global Healthcare Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market by Technology, Offering, Device Type, Application, End-user, and Region 2019-2026: Trend F…….

(TNS) — In recent years, the call for police reform has led to a need for more refined police training systems. In order to create a safe space for officers to train and learn from mistakes, several police departments around the country have adopted new technologies to help provide a safe space for officers to learn.

The Erie Police Department will soon be using one of these technologies via exclusive virtual reality training software, according to the Town of Erie.

Ti Training, a law enforcement training technolog…….

With venture capital funding of metaverse-related startups doubling to over $10 billion this year, there’s no better time to talk about how virtual and augmented reality technologies will impact the accounting profession. And more specifically, how it’s going to ultimately differentiate firm value.

At GrowthLab, we believe that accounting firms that figure this out today are the ones that are going to be around in 10 years … and here’s why: Think of the first time you heard of Netscape and the Internet (Version 1.0). And look where we have come in the last 25 years. Now accelerate…….

I am a former Park Rapids band director. My wife and I attended “A Magical Medora Christmas” performance at the high school on Dec. 16. What a musical treat to be at such a wonderful, live, in person, professional performance.

But, that is not the reason for this letter. After the performance, I was talking with one of my former band students from the late 1990s. So, we talked about the good, old days and decided to look for the trophies in the trophy cases and reminisce about the glory days. Much to my dismay, …….

Virtual reality headsets have been around for years, but for much of their history they have been largely confined to the realm of novelty accessories for high-tech gamers.

While VR and its even more immersive sibling, augmented reality, have been slowly trickling into the field of medicine in recent years, it wasn’t until 2021 that the dam broke and let loose a flood of AR and VR into the industry. The COVID-19 pandemic placed new value on going virtual, and the past year has marked a turning point with many of those far-fetched technologies finally becoming a t…….

The metaverse offers investors the potential to stake a claim in an evolving virtual universe. In this land rush, like others, some are panning for gold while other speculators want to sell shovels.

Jon Garcia

The AP Interview With Facebook Whistleblower

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen warned that the “metaverse,” the all-encompassing virtual reality world promised by the social media giant, will rob people of yet more personal information. (Nov. 9)


Real estate in the metaverse, where $20 parcels no…….


If pricks give you the willies, virtual reality might help.

Jabs aren’t so fab for some kids, but help is on the way through virtual reality.

Christchurch company oVRcome​, of which software developer Adam Hutchinson is the sole director and major shareholder, has launched a programme that uses virtual reality to expose children and adolescents to their fears including needles.

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When Carter C. was two years old, he had a tragic accident and lost mobility on the left side of his body. As a teen and avid gamer, he’s tried every gaming system using one hand. For the first time ever, Carter was motivated to use his left hand playing with Oculus Quest. Now, he’s getting the hand to work thanks to the fun and immersion he’s found playing in VR.

“What is this thing that pairs my son’s excitement for gaming and his need to be motivated to use that side of his body?” Hollie C.

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